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Off Street Garages Acknowledged

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Off Street Garages


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This garage is falling apart and I own the property on 53 Raymond st. This garage is 100 yards from my property. I have 3 tenants that reside there and I'm afraid this abandoned garage could fall and possibly cause damage to my property or a person. The roof is caving in and the back wall is cracked and falling.

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Q. When did you notice the issue (date and time)?
A. I've noticed it for over a year and have been trying to figure out who the owner of that property is. I went to collect rent on December 1st and realized the building is getting worse.
Q. At which garage is a problem?
A. Corner of Raymond St and 5th Ave. Its abandoned.
Q. What is the complaint?
A. I need this to either be fixed or torn down. I have a camper in the back yard as well as 3 tenants I'm afraid the back wall will collapse and cause damage and/or bodily injury to someone living on my property..

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