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(resubmitting... since original request has been open for over a month)

Hoping to get these branches trimmed from the tree in the median across from 2547 Bexley Park Rd.

The branches extending over the roadway are dropping berries/fruits onto our cars parked there ruining the paint.

I asked our tree-trimming contractor to look into trimming but he told me it was a city tree and really should be taken down due to the anatomy of the large dead branches and the crotch of the tree putting it at risk of splitting.

I spoke with the Boyd Bros crew that is out this week doing tree contract work for the city on my street today and requested they do it today but they asked me to contact city again about this issue.

I would be fine with at a minimum having the branch limbs crossing over the street right-of-way trimmed... if removal of the tree is not deemed to be necessary or timely.

Thanks in advance

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Q. Description of issue
A. Tree needs pruned
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A. 2547 Bexley Park rd


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