School Had Paved Drive But Forces Parents to Drive on Gravel with Potholes Open

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Coffee County Middle school forces 6th and 7th grade parents to drop off their children behind the school where they have roped off the paved drive. The result is that 1/2 or more of the school's student's parents must drive over enormous pot holes. I, as a parent, have complained numerous times and while they fix it occasionally the potholes reappear after it rains only once on the repair job. I have even had my children threatened with discipline when I dropped them off in the front of the building in an effort to avoid damage to my vehicle. The county may be liable if any damage occurs as a result of this problem just as the state is liable for pothole damage to cars. The same problem was reported at the county high school bus access area last year and it was immediately paved. Is Coffee County saying parent/citizen vehicles are not as important as busses? Please address the problem at CCMS and allow parents to drive on the pavement or pave the area they are making us drive on!

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