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I would like to commend the DPW for its concern with the ice along the northside of Brookline St. from Mitchell School to Manning St. The salting in the early morning is great for safety. The problem is the plowing that goes along with it. The plow tends to leave the ice it's scaping from the street on the storm sewer grate in front of my house, clogging it so the water no longer flows into it so it bypasses the sewer and continues down Brookline St. freezing as it goes. We had to go out this morning and break up the compacted ice on the storm sewer grate to get it to flow into it rather than down the street. Hopefully there is a reasonable solution to this..

I believe the root of the problem of the ice on Brookline St. is run-off from the Mitchell School that goes unabated through our neighbor's garage and out onto Brookline St. which tends to last for days after the rain has stopped. In fact it is still flowing today from Monday's storm. It would be nice if the Town could address this problem some day. It's not new.

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