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Out of State Parking Violation (ROSA)


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An officer has started ticketing cars within three feet of the alley or driveways on our one-block street. While these tickets are legitimate, this officer does not enforce the MANY out of state vehicle violations we have on out street. Residents who legally are allowed to park on our street are receiving tickets being two feet from an alley instead of three, but cars that park on our street every single night with out if state plates and no dc registration are left alone. If these out of state cars were ticketed, legal residents would not be forced to park so closely to the alley or driveway. This is the third complaint I've submitted and it has yet to truly be acknowledged. I'm just asking for some consistency from our law enforcement officers that feel a car within two feet of a driveway at 3 am is the biggest problem in the city. Please enforce all regulations, don't just pick and choose what is easiest.

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