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Music is shaking all walls ceiling and our floor

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A. Since 10:45pm-Til Current 12:26am, 3rd Floor is blasting music. Which is currently vibrating all walls, ceilings and floor. I have knocked to ask to put music down but no one heard me. I know I have asked landlord to ask tenants to please keep music down and refer to their lease agreements as it states no loud music that can disturb anyone else in the building but was met with a response of find another apartment to live at or call the cops. I have called the cops before but that doesn't seem to stop anyone. The music just becomes louder. I am a single mom sharing an apartment with a roomate and I do have 3 children under the ages of 9. We are currently sick with what seems to either be the flu or covid, we are immune compromised in our home. So for me to continue to leave my home to knock on grown adults doors isn't very helpful. I do not want to be retaliated against over loud noise. They do not understand the noise is also triggering my ptsd. Which I have kindly voiced. We just want the music to be lowered. I love music too but there's a time for these things. The noise is always waking us out of our sleep. It's just getting out of hand. During school days it's a must that my kids get enough sleep other wise I'm getting complaints from school my children are falling asleep in class and on vacation days I am very flexible. I just don't want to be threatened for voicing that the music is too loud after 10pm. I also wanted to add that I have asked the landlord to try to noise proof the apartments but he wasn't to happy about the request. It's honestly an invasion of privacy when everyone in my home can hear people conversations, pod casts, music, their adult time, or their dog constantly barking. Please help us find a fix that won't jeopardize our home living.

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