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Work Before or After Permitted Hours


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12/27/23 - Wednesday 5:46 AM - Waste Management, is again picking up trash along Forest St. heading towards Medford Square. Has been occurring for a few weeks now but on Tuesdays, the regular pickup day. They had stopped for a while but I guess they thought we wouldn’t hear their diesel trucks or the clanging of trash being dumped into their mostly empty trucks during the silence of a crisp winter morning when the street is at its quietest.

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Q. Is the work commencing OUTSIDE the allowed work hours of Monday - Saturday: 7am - 6pm? If work is commencing after 6pm, please contact the Police NON-EMERGENCY line at: 781-391-6404. Special permission is needed for work commencing on Sunday.
A. Yes
Q. Are the hours of work BEFORE or AFTER the allowed hours?
A. Before
Q. Hour(s) outside allowed timeframes. Please specify times.
A. 12/27/23 - 5:46 AM

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