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Chevalier Theater Sidewalk Parking Acknowledged

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Every time there is an event at the Chevalier, there are cars parked on the sidewalk on Forest St. across from the theater. Why is this permitted? Sometimes these are even police cars. Additionally, the Launch and Learn parking lot, which I believe charges a lot of money for people to park there, has vehicles parked halfway in the lot and halfway on the sidewalk, obstructing the sidewalk even further. Why are they allowed to profit by selling parking that is on public land? The spots they can sell should be limited to what is on their property. This should be an easy area to enforce because there are always workers out there guiding the public when there are events. Please work to get these cars off the sidewalk and to have police model appropriate parking, especially when they are not there as part of an emergency.

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A. Forest St. sidewalk across the street from Chevalier

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