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Barking Complaint


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This family owns two dogs. The youngest one barks horribly and often, and the other barks as well, but she is older and less often outside. In the meantime, she is the most aggressive of the two and shows her teeth in a threatening way, given that the property does not have a fence to contain her if she someday decides to go after someone.
The barking has been constant for the almost 4 years I've lived at my address. It started with the older dog and got worse since the youngest dog was brought as a puppy.
It is disruptive to the point of causing anxiety and to affect professional lives since it's impossible to work, even with the windows closed.
I have politely complained to the family, but they have been unresponsive for the most part. Their answer is that "dog barks". I have been worried about complaining since it is a "friendly neighborhood" with people being respectful of each other, which is something I do not want to disturb. However, the barking has gotten out of control and happens from 6:00 am to midnight.
Even contractors and movers have complained about the noise, while spending a limited time at my place.
The dog barks at everything, primarily at anyone or anything (e.g. cars) passing in the street, but also when she is inside the house. The bark is loud and shrill enough that it can be heard through closed windows down the street.
I doubt those dogs are officially registered, and they certainly do not respect the limit of 10 minutes or less of uninterrupted barking. In a peaceful neighborhood, this dog ruins our quality of life, which is unacceptable.

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