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There is a women named Antonetta who lives w/her husband and is presently housing her 81yr old mother. We have found 2 dead birds, corn, peanuts, crackers, bread and all manner of rubbish in our backyard since we've moved in. Our backyards are separated by my 6ft tall fence and we recently bought the house. We were told this was a good neighborhood.

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A. When I addressed antonetta about the rubbish she told me that her mother was responsible for some, but not all of it. I believe that Antonnetta is responsible for all of it. I found it very hard to believe that an 81 yr. old woman was launching these things over a 6ft tall fence but that is what she told me. She also stated that her mother has been found urinating in her backyard. Their yard is adjacent to mine. This has become a problem because she also claims that she is feeding the squirrels peanuts. Peanut shells are continuously found throughout my yard. I have photos. I have a dog and peanuts shells disrupt their digestion. In addition to all of this, they have flood lights on all night that shine directly into my yard. They also wake up at 4am and run some type of motor in their garage or back yard, for hours on end. I do believe that this is being done maliciously because I chose not to bring my dog to her home for training and play dates. I politely declined because I felt that Antonetta was intrusive.

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