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Illegal Dump Sites


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ABANDONED PROPERTY!!! Backyard has a boat that is overfilled with trash. Throughout the year rats, possums, raccoons, cats and more go from 9353 Minock over to the neighbors yard. My mother is a direct neighbor (9345 Minock) and has been for (50) years. The home also has a pitbull that frequently gets off of the chain. Some teens has picked this house to keep the dog at, and this is very very dangerous because there are several children located on the block with this dangerous dog.

also asked...
Q. Is the dumping occurring on private property?
A. Yes
Q. Is this a vacant structure or vacant lot?
A. Yes
Q. What type of materials have been dumped?
A. Trash, boat
Q. Where is the debris located on the property?
A. Rear yard


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