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It is absolutely absurd that Framingham is allowing a traveling zoo to be set up in a PARKING LOT of a somewhat bust plaza. My concern is for the welfare of these poor animals. The conditions are deplorable and I am incredibly upset that a town that prides itself on being green and animal friendly would allow this "zoo" to be set up in a parking lot or even at all. The people running it clearly have no compassion for these animals as they were left out ALL NIGHT on concrete in a THUNDERSTORM. It truly is enough to make me move away of Framingham. It horrible and disgusting ... CAMELS should not be sitting on the side of the road in some crappy tent on concrete. Absolutely terrible, I expect more and better from Framingham and I sincerely hope that those poor animals make there way to a sanctuary and no longer part of a horrible roadside "zoo." I never want to see anything like that again. EVER.

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