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I apologize for springing so many issues on you at once, but this was the first time I could address them. #1 The streets lights (not stop lights) on Oakland (between Washington and MLK) were not on last night. The street was dark, except for the stop lights. #2 Comstock Park needs to be perked up a bit. Some trees need to be trimmed and the old ice maker in the middle of the old field needs to be removed. It has not been used in several years and is an eye sore. The light at the old warming house doesn't seem to work at night anymore. And when the football players (coming later this year) are utilizing the park, they park in the grass and leave trash all over. #3 Over the past 4 years (during my walking escapades), I have noticed wires being wrapped around poles or hanging in mid air, left presumably by Comcast or one of the other companies. I have also noticed a few old phone boxes along Oakland that the wires were pulled out of and left open/exposed. The last I saw them, they were located by Chicago and Princeton, off Oakland. These were left like that for at least a year or longer, since the last time I saw them. Wires are anywhere from Grand River Ave (near the blind school, wrapped around a tree), all the way to my neighborhood, off Oakland. #4 We have had an increase in graffiti in my alley (between Wisconsin and Sycamore), due to gang association. Do we have police that roam our neighborhood, looking for potential problems? Thank you for reading what I have to say. I have no problem providing more details, if necessary. Thanks again, Stephanie

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