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Traffic light suggestion 135 ramp + powell ave
the exit ramp from 135 south meets Powell avenue. the exit ramp has 2 lanes (1 for traffic going west (left) onto Powell, 1 for traffic going east ). 1> due to the road markings on Powell ave (the cars travel too close to the far right side of the bridge) and slight turn in the road make is hard to see the oncoming Powell ave cars traveling west, w/o inching out to the roadway. 2> during evening rush hours the traffic on the exit ramp leading to Powell backs up almost to the 135 main road with cars waiting to make the left onto Powell ave east.
A traffic light would provide for a safer intersection for drivers, and the many joggers/bike riders that use this road. The light can be sensor controlled to keep it green on Powell when there are no cars exiting from 135.. ... note there are several other 135 exits that have traffic lights at where the ramps meet residential streets old country road, 107, boundary ave.

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