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On Tuesday, March 4 at 4:50pm or so I was walking to my car on UVM Campus. At the intersection of Main St. and University Place near Morrill Hall, I was almost struck by a pick up truck when I was in the middle of the crosswalk. The driver of the truck had whipped in from Main St. (making a left, coming from downtown Burlington) and was using University Place as a cut through, as many people do. He slammed on his breaks to avoid hitting me. Before this happened, I had already stopped at the edge of the crosswalk (on the side coming from the University Green), looked 3 or more times before entering the crosswalk, and had let another vehicle go through a few moments before. I know this crosswalk is dangerous and I always look more than two or three times, but it doesn't matter how much you look, it is unsafe.

This crosswalk would be safer if there was no left turn from Main St and a set of flashing pedestrian crossing signs. This is not an isolated incident. This is a very common problem at this crosswalk. Please do something before someone is severely injured or killed.

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