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Water In Basement Investigation Acknowledged

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Water In Basement Investigation


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The DSWSD sewage disposal system located in my property in my back yard behind my garage backup consistently and causes water to back up in my basement and in my yard this back up has damaged my personal property in my basement washer dryer refrigerator humidifier furnace hot water tank couch recliner chair capet flooring walls electricity and grass in my back yard and clothes for two residents I am requesting financial comp e.g. nation from the city to replace damage property and personal items

also asked...
Q. Is the mailing address same as the affected address?
A. Yes
Q. Date of damage?
A. March 19, 2024 22:40
Q. Do you have a Basement, Crawl Space or Utility Room?
A. Basement
Q. How is the Water backing up?
A. Floor
Q. What is the condition of the water?
A. Smelly
Q. Is your basement still flooded?
A. No
Q. Has a plumber inspected this backup issue?
A. Yes
Q. How far did the plumber snake?
A. As far as the snake would allow
Q. Did the plumber inspect with a camera?
A. Unknown
Q. If the plumber did inpsect with a camera, do you have a copy of the video?
A. No
Q. What did the plumber advise or inform the customer?
A. Call the city for repair if their drsin
Q. Do any of your neighbors on your side of the street have water back up also?
A. Yes
Q. Do you or your neighbor have trees in the back yard?
A. Yes
Q. Do the gutter downspouts lay on the grass?
A. No
Q. Has the water service line to the house been replaced recently?
A. No
Q. Has the gas meter been moved outside recently?
A. No
Q. Is there a sprinkler system?
A. No
Q. Is this a recently purchased vacant property?
A. No
Q. Do you have a backwater valve installed?
A. No
Q. Do you have a sump pump installed?
A. No
Q. Has the Sewer Lateral Service line been repaired/replaced recently?
A. No
Q. Additional Information
A. I am requesting financial assistance from the city to replace damage property and personal items

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