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Northwest Drive from Bolton Rd to James Jackson Parkway is uncomfortable, uneven and needs to be paved.
There are serious holes in the street and I personally feel as if though I'm playing Mario Cart every time I'm going & coming home.
It's quit annoying and it a horrible start and ending to one's workday or outing.
This community needs for that stretch if road to be PAVED; not patched!! As has been the resolve with the bridge that covers Proctor Creek.
Every so often, there's a metal plate that covers a whole. The City of Atlanta allows the contractors to not to complete the project and it stays there for several months.
Last week a crew arrived to do another one of its patchwork projects. Furthermore, I think the City of Atlanta needs to do a better job monitoring these contractors and employees.
For example, doesn't Public Works do a drive by and go seek out projects to complete in order to create a better environment in this great city?
I know there are people who hold care about their jobs and may be over-worked but the negligence going in various departments is increasing and being reflected in the lack of proper management and infrastructure.
In closing, please fix the streets in this community; starting with Northwest Drive.


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