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Storm Drains Acknowledged

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Storm Drains


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We received a notification of that Isabelle/Anderson funeral home at 236 Chester St is looking to expand their parking area. When that house on that lot was torn down and turned into a vacant lot/parking area for the Isabelle/Anderson funeral home our back yard turned into a river. We did not really know why until this past summer when we had more extensive rain and the picture attached shows a river coming from the wooded area behind our neighbor's fence. This area leads to Delisle St which is adjacent to the 236 Chester St lot. It seems that storm water runoff from Delisle St. is leading to flooding onto our private property due to apparent lack of catch basin(s) in this area and likely curbing on Delisle Street. We will be attending the meeting with a civil engineer, Ernest Jeffery, who has researched the area via public records and eyewitness. We are also hoping our neighbor from 198 Chester, who had flooding in their basement at this same time and 212 & 220 Chester Street properties can attend as well as additional eyewitnesses. Our ultimate concern is additional changes to the landscape at 236 Chester could cause additional run off problems if the city does not install catch basins on Delisle St on or around the Edward Street wooded area. We have an additional picture and video of the river in our backyard for your review as well. Please let me know how I can send these to you prior to the meeting on Tuesday, April 9th at 6pm. Thank you for your time and consideration. Laura (Mossey) Leger & Kevin Leger. Please call Kevin with any questions you may have or to set up a time to meet with him to discuss this concern.

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