Acknowledged by: City of Fitchburg, MA

Nuisance on Property Acknowledged

150 Saint Bernard Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 01420 Show on Map Hide Map
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Fitchburg, MA


Nuisance on Property


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Property is zoned residential, not commercial or industrial. The property shares a property boundary with a school and is across the street from a cemetery. The damage to the residential streets with these vehicles driving through this neighborhood would be substantial as well as dangerous to pedestrians. This is months in the making and no one has said anything until now. I love my city and am proud to live here, please make an effort to make it the best place to live as possible.

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A. Please make our city a place we can live peacefully in our neighborhoods. If laws, codes, ordinances etc., don’t get enforced then you don’t have a neighborhood, city or society people want to live in. Thank you!

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