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hello i have a problem maybe you could help neighbors and i have had a problem with our water for a few years now .we have called the town of dallas many times to report muddy water.the water is so bad you cant drink it or wash cloths in it.i have messed up so many cloths from the dirty water .my problem with this is if mud can get in my water then other nasty stuff can get in it to.the pipes on our street has busted 3 times in the past three months.they just dig it up and patch busted infront of my house back in december .i reported it at 11pm and they let the water run untill 8am.they have not patched the road were they dug it up. the road has a crack in it and water seeps from the crack im afraid the road will wash out and collasp.i pay 80$ a month for water and alot of times i cant use it.the town told us that the pipes on our street were some of the first pipes laied in dallas 1940 something.this is not just a problem on our street my dad lives on smith st in dallas and he has the same problem for 10 years or more .we call them the flush pipes and its good for a while. could you please help us.i see all the problems you have fixed and thought maybe you could help us get our water cleaned up

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