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Housing - General Conditions Acknowledged

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Housing - General Conditions


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Unregistered cars, looks like a landfill, commercial supplies -- is this zoned commercially?

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Q. Describe the conditions.
A. The house is surrounded by a variety of items cluttered around it, including several vehicles in various states of disrepair, some of which appear to be classic cars. There's also a mix of machinery, tools, and possibly scrap metal. A large red vehicle, possibly a fire truck, is on one side of the house. The yard appears unkempt, with bare patches of ground and no clear organization.
Q. How long have these conditions existed?
A. years?
Q. Would you like to have a determination of lead inspection (there must be a child under the age of 6 residing at the property to qualify for this inspection)?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Is there a child under 6 who resides at the property?
A. No Answer Given
Q. What was the response?
A. No Answer Given
Q. Have you reported these conditions to the landlord?
A. No Answer Given

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