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The intersection was backed up today around 8:45 and frustrated drivers would block the intersections use the right turn lane to make left turns and only further adding to the congestion. There was no congestion backup from Sullivan, just too many cars for the light intervals to handle. The cars that backed up were trying to turn left from Lombardi drive onto Broadway toward Sullivan Square. Most were originating from Assembly Row Drive and would block the intersection for cars trying to make a left hand turn onto mystic Ave. As many complaints of this situation have been told before, the lights are MassDoT timed, and that they are "working" as "intended." So, if Somerville cannot fix the timing of the lights can we at least get a police detail during commute hours to prevent illegal turns and cars blocking the intersection?

Aside from that request, since the casino going in Everett is required to redesign Sullivan square, it is perfect time to look at how cars leaving Assembly row enter Sullivan square. There is an unused lane on the Mystic Ave bridge over the train tracks that could be used to divert traffic heading from Assembly Row to Sullivan. Instead of having that traffic enter Sullivan by going through the Broadway, Mt Vernon lights, traffic would turn left from Assembly Row Drive, and head south, staying on the Mystic river side of 93, use the unused lane of the Mystic Ave. bridge that goes over the train tracks and cross the unused parking lot (I believe MassDoT owns it, and merge onto Mafia way from the left. This solution can be done inexpensively, and will greatly help traffic and pedestrian safety. I hope the representatives of Somerville possess the foresight to seize the opportunity and avoid a growing traffic nightmare.

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