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Illegal Dump Sites


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This site is right off of Ex. 44 which is an exit leading to downtown approx just 8 min.s from entering downtown. this needs to be taken away ASAP as it has been here abandoned for a few yr.s now. it's a horrible eye sore rat infested. NOT a positive for our city/nor for us residents that still proudly live here. NOT A POSITIVE FOR ALL TO SEE DRIVING IN TO OUR CITY JUST BEFORE THE NFL DRAFT EITHER!!

also asked...
Q. Is the dumping occurring on private property?
A. No
Q. Is this a vacant structure or vacant lot?
A. Yes
Q. What type of materials have been dumped?
A. tires/house rebuild debris/personal garbage/wood_etc
Q. Where is the debris located on the property?
A. Other


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