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Sidewalk Defective


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We moved into 32 Heywood St last June. The outside of the fence on the Jones Street side has been covered in weeds and it collects a lot of trash (we gathered two trash bags of trash yesterday alone). The issue is that the sidewalk doesn't go all the way to the fence so the weeds grow and the trash accumulates. I just finished clearing out the weeds and trash and leveling the ground and now it's ready to be paved (see picture). The sidewalk goes all the way to the fence/wall on all other properties in the neighborhood and it would be great if the same could be true here!

In addition, there could be a sidewalk on the Heywood side of the property for the neighbors to use (as long as the sidewalk goes all the way to the fence).

also asked...
Q. How is the sidewalk defective?
A. It doesn't go all the way to the fence and collects weeds and trash.
Q. How long has this condition existed?
A. Since before we moved in, in June of 2023.

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