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Litter Complaint Acknowledged

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Litter Complaint


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there is a lot of trash on both sides of the street of bigelow davis parkway in the part of the park/woods next to the sidewalk. There is a grocery cart inside the woods near the basketball court. I would have attached more pictures but the website only allowed one to be attached.

also asked...
Q. Describe the litter in this area.
A. alcohol nibs, a bottle of motor oil, empty water bottles, paper trash and debris, soda cans, a grocery cart inside the woods up near the basketball court. There is cut wood around it from a fallen tree?
Q. Where is the litter located?
A. It's inside the woods near the sidewalk on both sides of the street
Q. Do you know the source of the litter?
A. no, but assuming people throwing it out of their cars

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