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Decaying roadwayd

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Q. What is the nature of the problem? Please describe in detail.
A. This public roadway (on a hill) was dug up by the construction company last Fall, was not fully repaired & is continuing to erode in the weather & vehicular usage. There’s also potholes/craters in the center of the roadway in close proximity, along with vertical & horizontal cracks that were not there prior to their initial work last year. From the pics you can see there is no sidewalks for pedestrians. Vehicles of various sizes & weights (incl EMS, WFD, trash, recycle, WPS, flatbeds, tree removal, construction, household delivery, etc.) use this road frequently. This is a safety hazard not only for pedestrians, drivers but also homeowners nearby Also, those orange cones are frequently misplaced from the crumbling section by the fierce winds, downpours & vehicles passing. This hill is not well lit at night so anyone could walk/drive off into the ditch area. How long are we supposed to wait for this to be fixed? DPW & Inspectional Services has been aware since last year & frequently travel this road to other they see it also ..

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