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City of Salem


Tree Pruning/Trim/Branch Broken


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City of Salem

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The trees along the bike path as with other city trees are in grave danger of being killed by weed wackers. Trees send nutrients made by leaves down thru outer bark. When the bark is wicked away, the tree is starved of this nutrient. These contracted landscapers are costing the city money as trees that die need to be replaced and the cycle goes on. I have communicated this to DPW with no results. The practice goes on. They can mulch heavy around the base of the trees to prevent this.

also asked...
Q. Is the tree on city/public property?
A. Yes
Q. Is the branch touching any power lines?
A. No
Q. Are any branches low enough to hit people?
A. No
Q. Can you provide the estimated height of the tree in feet and the estimated diameter (width) of the tree trunk in inches?
A. 5 inches
Q. Does the tree need to be removed?
A. No
Q. Please provide any additional information/description of the tree that would be helpful
A. No Answer Given

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