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MASSIVE DIP causes major car damage Open

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Cars traveling north along Adams St crossing Vera Ave experience a massive dip on the far side of the block when crossing the intersection. My car is low to the ground, and when I passed through the intersection at 8:00 pm last night, it hit the undercarriage of my car so badly that it damaged my transmission and rendered my car immediately undriveable.

Looking at the intersection, you can see evidence of plenty of other cars before me bottoming out in the intersection. I had just come out of a full stop at the intersection, I could not have been going more than 5 MPH and my transmission was destroyed and my whole night's plans were derailed.

There are "DIP" signs on either side of the block, but they don't convey just how extreme of a dip this is. This is a SEVERE DIP and should either be fixed, or marked as such. It's hard to see, and people passing through a 4-way STOP at an intersection aren't anticipating such a destructive scenario awaiting them on the other side as they accelerate to normal residential-area speed. My car bounced so hard, I hit my head on the ceiling.

It is unacceptable for Redwood City to maintain conditions in the street that have the potential to incur major damage to drivers' vehicles.

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