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Abandoned Vehicle


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When a vehicle is "deemed to be abandoned" it will be green-tagged and scheduled for removal. The vehicle is removed after 72 hours if the problem has not been "fixed" or the vehicle is not moved to a private property.
A vehicle is deemed abandoned if it has not moved in 72 hours and has no plates, an expired registration, missing wheels, broken windows, filled with junk, etc...
If the vehicle in question poses a safety hazard of any kind (parked in front of a fire hydrant, in a crosswalk, on the sidewalk, broken glass all around, near a school, etc...), the 72-hour rule is superseded by the safety issue and the vehicle is towed immediately.

The vehicle will be towed after 72 hours from the date the vehicle was tagged.

I have placed multiple tickets for this bus to be towed on this street. I have copied worcesters classify of an abandoned vehicle in which it checks all boxes. Per the description states it will be towed 72 hours after. It has months if not weeks. You just ticket the bus each time now it has 5 to 6 tickets. It’s an eye sore, a nuisance to the neighborhood, a hazard being so close to the only fire hydrant, an inconvenience to drivers to turn around on a dead end street, filling with items of who knows what. The city needs to follow its policy to remove this bus. Shouldn’t have to keep putting in requests to have issues resolved. “72hours” I’ll continue to be patient and persistent with this as im irritated and trying to help Worcester residents. Worcester is becoming like Boston so let’s start acting like it and ticket/tow in a timely manner.


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