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I'm told by someone at Union Pacific that for some strange and incomprehensible reason, someone approved a switching station for the trains just east of 5600 West. The effect this has is to back up traffic going southbound to I-80 and northbound to California Avenue and beyond. Any time between 6am and 5pm that you encounter a train on this road, you can plan on 15+ minutes of wait time or join the crows of u-turners trying to find a way around it. Something has to be done. Why on earth can't we finish 7200 west to I-80 or do something about that stupid switching station? It adds almost the same amount of time to go around the train as to sit there and wait. How is is this acceptable? It's mindnumbingly aggravating to sit in your car waiting for a train for that long.All it does is send a bunch of angry drivers off to find another route and I watch them drive very aggressively after that and have trouble not doing the same because it's sooooo frustrating!


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