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Crosswalks needed at Adeline/56th, Adeline/Arlington, and Adeline/59th Acknowledged

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Adeline Street in Oakland from the Emeryville border north to 61st Street is being repaved and re-striped with a road diet and buffered bicycle lanes (great!), but no new marked crosswalks are being added along this entire stretch as part of the project, even though they are warranted by the city's own design policies (See

The city's crosswalk decision matrix recommends marked crosswalks be installed when there is a gap between existing crosswalks of 900 feet or more. The existing gap between the marked crosswalks at 54th and Market is over 1100 feet and the gap from Market to 61st is over 1600 feet.

As such, I am requesting that three new crosswalks be striped across Adeline at 56th, Arlington, and 59th Streets. None of these streets are skewed or T intersections, so no parking spots will need to be removed or curb ramps will need to be added in order to stripe the crosswalks there. The crosswalks can either be at the north or south leg of these intersections (or both), based on sight lines or other design criteria.

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