Dirtbikes and Quads Tear Through Neighborhood in front of Cop Archived

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I just witnessed about a dozen people on dirtbikes and quads tear through our neighborhood directly in front of a police car. The office hit his siren once and followed ambivalently as they sped away against traffic, on sidewalks, nearly causing an accident at the corner of Winthrop and Chapel. You could still hear them a minute later, presumably all the way to Whalley. This is out of f'in control and ridiculous! How is it our police force cant stop a bunch of idiot teenagers riding around on these things? Someones going to get really hurt one day when they cause an accident or lose control of their ride. I think its time for the police to reexamine their "no chase" policy, clearly relationship building and stakeouts aren't working. It's only June and this issue is out of hand, worse than its been in previous years. Cant we basically just station officers at all the major intersections in the neighborhoods they like to frequent and blockade them in, then arrest and seize the bikes/ quads? Something else needs to be done.


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