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Tree Trimming Acknowledged

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Tree Trimming


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This really is about trimming the giant plant (Invasive Japanese Knotweed) that is growing out of the base of the tree pit, not the actual tree. It is growing into the sidewalk and impeding pedestrian access. Please cut it back, this plant comes back with a vengeance every year.

also asked...
Q. Is the tree on City property? (The City will not trim trees that are on private property.)
A. Yes it is in a street tree pit on the sidewalk
Q. Are citizen at risk?
A. Yes
Q. Is the branch hitting a powerline?
A. No
Q. How large is the tree (feet or floors)?
A. 3
Q. Is the branch hitting your home?
A. No
Q. Is the branch low enough to hit people?
A. Yes

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