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There's two residents of Calumet St. who have taken parking way beyond inconsiderate and into a public nuisance. William Gadziala who lives at 3711 Calumet St (and also owns the junkyard adjacent lots) keeps 3 rusted, dilapidated vehicles parked in the street. He intentionally parks them just far enough apart so that another vehicle can't fit between them while still taking up the maximum amount of space in the street so no one can park near his house. These cars are nothing but junk placeholders and they haven't moved in years. He also keeps the entire 45' length of the empty lots marked off as no parking even though the lots are not used as a driveway. The color, make, model and licence plates of his vehicles are:

-Red, Dodge Dakota truck, YHL-2265
-Red, Chevrolet unknown car, FVZ-3728
-Black Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport car, EGD-5643

Bob Hendry who lives at 3692 Calumet St. (house is in the name of Diane Steinberg) pulls a similar parking gimmick. Bob parks FIVE cars in the street, 3 of them are junk cars that are nothing more than placeholders. He parks all five cars in a single file line, and just like Bill across the street he strategically spaces them as far apart as possible without leaving enough room for another car to fit. But Bob does this to reserve himself a parking spot for the one car he actually drives. When he wants to park, he pulls the middle car all the way up so it creates a parking spot behind it. Think about that logic... He's willing to keep 3 junk cars in the street for the sole purpose of reserving himself a parking spot in front of his house... Again, these cars have not moved in years except for a few feet to create a parking spot. The color, make and model of his vehicles are:

-Blue Dodge Ram truck, YGL-7938
-Red Oldsmobile unknown, FWP-8444
-Gold Chrysler Town & Country van, FDJ-4562
-Blue Ford Escort station wagon, HFR-3236
-Blue Nissan Altima car, HLV-7312

Most of these vehicles that Bill and Bob own would never pass a legitimate state inspection, yet curiously they have new inspection stickers every year. More than likely they "make a deal" with a local garage to get current inspection stickers so they can renew their East Falls parking permits.

It's expected that parking will be difficult when you live in a city, but you don't expect to be intentionally sabotaged by your neighbors. These guys are very crafty and calculated. It is not an exaggeration when I say they take up at least 20 parking spots on Calumet St. Walk down and see for yourself if you're skeptical. Their parking nuisance is an absolute slap in the face to all of their Calumet St and East Falls neighbors and something needs to be done to get their junk vehicles off our street.

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