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Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged

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Sidewalk Repair


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Other sidewalk panel is a bit inclined to let water of sidewalk and prevent formation of puddle. The new panel is not done that way and puddle odd water forms after rains. This can be very dangerous during cold weather and winter because of ice which is slippery and dangerous for people

also asked...
Q. Is the damage level high enough to be a hazard to citizens?
A. Yes
Q. Is the panel is cracked or has a hole, if so: How deep is it?
A. The panel was repaired recently but everytime after it rains, puddle of water formed on the panel and becomes dangerous and slippery.
Q. How high is the panel is raised?
A. Not high but it's water puddle forms after rain and this can be dangerous an slippery in winter as ice forms and that poses dangers to people walking on sidewalk

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