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City Park Maintenance


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No court drain off for Court 2. For the past three years this has been an irritating problem that has now become exhausting and completely below the level of the Exceptional City of St. Petersburg Parks & Recreation. Main reason for the sudden worsening of the problem creating the new Landscaping surrounding the courts the landscape beds were re-filled to a higher soil level than prior so that when we do spend an hour to clear the Standing waters to the edges of the court, the water no longer has a place to drain., thus remains accumulated. Needless to say our efforts are in vain. All (3) of the other courts appear to drain fine however, these courts are 100% utilized and rightfully so. Can we please offer some relief if not open dialogue to address the matter. I am positive I could easily gather 40-50 St.Petersburg Citizens/Homeowners too attend. I have included a pic of the conditions of our citizens who have invested money in their own equipment to help move water. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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Q. Park name or location?
A. North Shore Tennis Park between 12th & 11th


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