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This house continues to be a problem. I recently reported it for grass which has grown 3-feet high. The county is finally getting involved over the grass.

The house at 12702 Flack Street has been vacant for more than one year. A notice posted in the front window states that the property is owned by Chase Home Finance LLC. Phone # 877.790.1035 (LPS Field Svcs 440.633.4100). The grass gets cut infrequently, so the property looks shabby. There is trash, piles of yard debris, and standing water in the back yard. All of these are attractions to rats. Rats have been observed by neighbors. In addition, there was break in, which was reported to police, sometime in late Jan or February. The bank was alerted to the break in -- their response was to pull the broken window closed (without repairing the glass) and changing the locks -- the broken window is on the left side of the house. This kind of neglect is unacceptable. Our hope is that the property (the house seems to be in good shape) be cleaned up and sold quickly. A vacant house is a magnet to vermin and vagarants. Our neighborhood does not need either.


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