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I am writing in regards to an unsightly storage shed/property that is located directly behind our neighborhood. The apartment complex located off of Lower Fayetteville Rd uses the shed/property frequently. Last year the apartments put up a privacy fence (thankfully) to help conceal the storage shed, the problem however, is that they no longer care for the property outside of the fence. They have also hauled in a massive dumpster (taller than the fence), and constantly overfill it with garbage. Not only is this dumpster an eye sore, but the workers who load it must be blind, because somehow they miss this monstrosity of a garbage can, resulting in the garbage being littered onto the property that is no longer cared for. This process forces either myself or my neighbors to hike through the dump in which they have created and remove the rain soaked garbage that they continue to bless us with. Sarcasm aside, it looks atrocious, and we really are tired of taking care of it. We have contacted the apartments on multiple occasions, but they refuse to budge on the issue.

I have attached a few pictures of how currently looks (7July2015). Any assistance in getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated by the residents of Madison Park.

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