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Traffic Signal/Stoplight Malfunctioning


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The Yield sign at the intersection of Salisbury and Peace needs to be removed. When cars get a green light from Halifax and drive straight onto Salisbury, cars turning right off of Peace never slow down or even pause. They don't yield at all. They need to be Forced to STOP at the Red light, before turning right on red. Numerous times coming down Halifax I've almost been hit by cars FLYING off of Peace onto Salisbury. Sometimes, they come close to hitting Pedestrians, too, never pausing or yielding for them, either. Obviously the drivers here are not responsible enough to yield properly. They need to be made to STOP on Red. Period.

also asked...
Q. What is the type of signal?
A. Vehicular
Q. Please describe the nature of the issue. (i.e timing, signal head twisted, etc)
A. Yield Sign needs to be Removed

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