Dangerous Pothole Situation by Anglebrook Golf Course Archived

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Route 202 in Somers (Lincolndale) between the traffic light at Rte 118 and Brick Hill Road is pretty horrendous on both sides. The worst part is in front of the Anglebrook Golf course and across from the Lincolndale Boy's School (Eastbound). This road had been repaired with "ribbons" dividing each side of the road in thirds. The eastbound side in front of the Golf course is *horrendous*! They totally neglected the right hand third of the road, which is one big pothole for about a mile. Cars must constantly be riding on the double yellow line to avoid this. Very safe, right? God forbid if a bike rider is there on the right. The bike must ride in the middle of the road because the potholes are more dangerous for them. So the cars must ride even further over the line. Also, this is a road which is a main route to all 4 schools in Somers. Lots of traffic. Just FYI, This road, 202 and also 118 were last paved about 22 years ago! Can't they even afford to pave these roads every 20 years?! C'mon now! Tax dollars?

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