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Sidewalks and Curb damage


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In addition to aboveim addressing Safety and Health issue: loose , rusted street sign One Way in front of my private property 249 Townsend Ave corner of Florence is pointing in the wrong direction and ready to fall and injure walkers, kids on bikes and a neighbor who uses her motorized wheelchair riding by.Across the street on the grass area by seawall , old dry large tree needing desperate attention of trimmin of All dry branches for rust of falling with stronger wind.Last but not least , potholes in sidewalk Florence street reported to local district alderman last year who promised via phone to have it fixed by this May 2015 was abandoned. It is in a dire need of fixing.
Thank you for your attention to my requests and your help to remedy them.
Mrs. Helena Novak
203 980-8294 - cell
203 468-0537- h
I have picture ,but unable to upload. Will send to directly Mr. Jeff Pescosolido

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