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On June 30th, 2015, my mother, Irma Renteria who is the homeowner of the residence at 165 I St., awoke to find that a sizable tree limb had broken off and had fallen on to the sidewalk in front of her home. I, Luis Arellano, Irma's son, reported this to your department and only a tree branch removal was enacted. I say 'only' because I had requested that the tree's extreme overgrowth be trimmed back, or removed entirely, as this most current incident presents the potential for more such incidents in the future. Previously, my mother had requested a tree trimming back on March 13, 2014 and the city responded with a very light trimming (tracking number 14_001319).
I am once again requesting attention to this tree as this sidewalk is used by children who walk to the high school that is located at the eastern end of 'I' St., as well as my mother's grandchildren who visit her. Because of the potential of another tree branch falling, my mother has told visiting family members and friends, to not park their vehicle beneath this tree, on the city street. The overgrowth condition of this tree is limiting my mother's use of her property.
I urge action on this issue as I am reminded of the consequences that the City of San Diego had to face recently where a palm tree fell and partially paralyzed an individual thus causing the city to be held liable for monetary damages, which can be avoided if preventative action is taken.
I have included pictures of the tree in question and will await to hear from your department.
My phone number is 619-300-7049 and my email address is
Your reporting service only allows for a single image, however, I have two additional images that I can send that give a further picture of the overgrowth of this tree.
Thank you,
Luis Arellano

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