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During the warm weather the kids are out playing more. There is also a lot of construction on the roads. Many times, including today, traffic has been redirected through my neighborhood and cars speed well above the limit. After I called the police department to report this yesterday nothing was done. Today there are signs going down Veterans way to slow down and posting the speed limit. An officer was even posted on the corner. Again though, once people get on the straight road on Patriots circle they start speeding. I put up my own sign to slow down the drivers but it was removed. We really need speed bumps, even temporary ones, during the warm weather months. Temporary ones are cheaper and can be removed before the snow comes. I am concerned for the neighborhood kids safety, including my own. Some of these drivers are speeding while testing, taking on the phone, and one even had headphones on. Please address this issue. I can be contacted if needed at 978-552-9789. Thank you,

Jasmine Tkaczyk

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