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Mosquito Spraying for Neighborhood


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Drainage feature with standing water partially located on Croatan Homeowners Development (Private) and State Military Reserve - Camp Pendleton (State of VA) VA Army National Guard (VAARNG) property. Resident complained to VAARNG Installation Commander about mosquito's and biting midges (?) in neighborghood and is requesting control. So before I get back with her to inspect the area (s) she is referring to I wanted to check with you first before I discuss it with her. In addition, she is asking about biting Midges and having lived in Florida I know what they are an d where they breed but I did not think the biting female Midges were present in the Mid-Atlantic? Even if they are here control of the biting female Midges is different but let me start with Mosquito's and go from there. Ken Oristaglio, Natural Resources Manager, VA Dept. of Military Affairs with the DoD and the VA Army National Guard, MTC Fort Pickett (Nottoway County, VA) and SMR Camp Pendleton in VA Beach.

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