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Parking Illegal


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I've called the town numerous times, even went to town hall and nothing has been done yet. I have a driveway and had the lines painted around it because of people parking in front of it. Then about a month later, the town came to erase those lines. That same night, someone parked in my driveway again and it happened that I was outside and I mentionned it to him and he just yelled at me. I suspect my neighbor who works parking violations and thinks he works for every department (he walked in a neighbor's house just to see if he had permits).
Anyways, I called the police and now they tell me that my driveway is illegal! My aunt owned this house from the 70s to 2001. We redid the garage, had permits, inspectors came, nobody said the driveway was illegal. We pay $15 000 in taxes every year and I can't even come out my driveway!
Something has to be done! I can't call the police every time!

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