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Dangerous Intersection and Road Open

Rt 140 And Mainstreet Broad Brook, CT Show on Map Hide Map
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East Windsor




Anyone who travels through this intersection knows how bad this road is. The road was never properly marked out, there are two traffic lights facing down the large hill. There is a straight lane and a right turn lane. But there is no yellow or white line seperating the lanes. Not only that but the single (what should be double) lane is not wide enough for two cars to be side by side. The right hand side of the road is destroyed full of at least 20 heaves (tall short bumps one after the other). I constantly see people trying to sneak by on the right going up a large hill when there is a line of traffic down to the bridge, waiting at a red to go straight. This adds to how dangerous this intersection is. They widened this road about two years ago but never finished! Not only is it not marked out but its still not wide enough. They also came back and half-assed fixed the bumps only for them to come back again even worse. Who is in charge of this?!

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