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Bicycle lane blocked by construction sign Open

1670-1698 Alvarado Street San Leandro, California Show on Map Hide Map
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The northbound bicycle lane on Alvarado Street north of Thornton Street is currently blocked by a construction warning sign. As stipulated in the CA MUTCD traffic manual regarding street construction signs: "Sign supports should be located so as to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists in areas designated for their use." As such, please move the sign out of the bike lane.

Also, the construction on the east side of Alvarado Street has resulted in the partial closure of the northbound bicycle lane on Alvarado Street north of Thornton, but sufficient accommodation or warning to bicyclists and drivers regarding this closure is not provided, creating an unexpected pinch point where bicyclists are forced into the travel lane. Please review the bicycle and pedestrian accommodation for this construction site's traffic plan and ensure that the facility remains safe for everyone to use throughout the construction process.

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