End the Quality Life Violations & Anti-LGBTQ Harrassment from the Forkhold Bar, 1233 Flatbush Ave Open

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End the Quality Life Violations & Anti-LGBTQ Harrassment
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Jummane Williams Councilperson , Brooklyn District 45 Shawn Campbell District Manager, Brooklyn Community Board 14
End the Quality Life Violations & Anti-LGBTQ Harrassment
Demand that the quality of life be respected for a working class immigrant neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. Tell elected officials to hold bar owner accountable for over 200 311 complaints & anti-LGBTQ harassment of residents.

Why do the rights of landlord of 1233 Flatbush Ave & owner of the Forkhold Bar and Restaurant surpass those of an entire community?

Why is an 10pm cut-off for use of outdoor patios by bars located in more affluent neighborhoods in our area, while the Forkhold's patio can stay crowded and open until 4am during the work week?

What is being done about the campaign of anti-LGBTQ harassment orchestrated by the Forkhold bar staff against community residents?

Our Demands to Elected Officials are simple:

1. We want the Forkhold bar to operate within it's liscense as a "bar and restaurant" and NOT as of a nightclub.

2. We want the music played at the Forkhold to be contained within it's 4 walls, and NOT amplified throughout the neighborhood, especially after 10pm.

3. We want the anti-LGBTQ/ sexist harassment and threats violence by the Forkhold bar staff and patrons against residents in our neighborhood to end immediately!


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