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Mitchell's Landscaping. I know I made a similar report but Mitchell's is the name of the company doing the cleaning of local parking lots. They are totally misusing leaf blowers to blow dirt, dust, sand, salt, and other babris into other peoples property and creating a huge cloud of air pollution. Even with my windows closed it's making me cough. They need to use sweepers and shovels like they should instead of simply blowing huge dust clouds around the entire neighborhood. Heck some of it is driving all the way down state street. I'm sure they are violating some law or something. They must be. They need to learn to properly clean up in city areas. This isn't some backwoods town in some remote parking lot. All my apartment windows are covered with dust and the nearby lawns are covered as well. Most other companies would use sweepers, brooms, and cleaners, as well as shovels to pick up piles they create. There are also cars nearby with open windows and all this dust and crap is flying into car windows. The name on one of the trucks says "Mitchell's" I'm guessing it's the landscaping company located in Brewer. This shouldn't be taken lightly either as just whining. This is totally inappropriate for them.

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