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Why is nothing being done with these 13 dogs, cats, bunny, and a large bird, and a chihuahua that was recently killed by another dog that had a litter of puppies and was supposed to keep them apart and find another home for. She was given until today to contest the ebatement of her animals and the humane officer nor the ordinance,officer Starks is enforcing this order. She is currently trying to get another one of her Shepards pregnant. She also has rescue dogs. Why was the last post deleted and nothing been done to resolve this issue. The humane officer return any calls, yet they found her not capable of taking care of these dogs, and wasn't supposed to have this many animals. Both have been in her house and found it a mess, and unfit for all these animals. The fact that her chiuahua was killed right after she was ordered to keep them apart is reason to enforce this. She lives off of these dogs puppies.

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Q. What type of animal problem is this? Check all that apply.
A. Too many animals

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